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Applied 海洋研究 produces publications to share research results and supports continuing education with industry partners, government, students, and other academics.


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lacharité,米。,棕色,C.J. & gazzola,V。 502 Bad Gateway

lacharité,米., Metaxas, A. (2018) Environmental drivers of epibenthic megafauna on a deep temperate continental shelf: A multiscale approach. 在海洋学进展 162:171-186。

史密斯S.J.,sameoto,J.A., 棕色,C.J。 (2017) A novel approach to setting biological reference points for sea scallops placopectin magellanicus that incorporates the spatial distribution of productivity. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences。 74(5):650-667

Lecours V., Devillers R., Lucieer V.L. & 棕色C.J. 



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杜马克,L。, lacharité,米。, Metaxas, A., Matabos, M. (2017) Influence of an oxygen minimum zone and macroalgal enrichment on benthic megafaunal community composition in a NE Pacific submarine canyon. 海洋生态。 DOI:10.1111 / maec.12481

Lecours V., Devillers R., Edinger E.N., 棕色C.J. & Lucieer V.L. (2017) Influence of artefacts in marine digital terrain models on habitat maps and species distribution models: a multiscale assessment. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, doi: 10.1002/rse2.49


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棕色,C.J。 (2015) Benthic Habitat Mapping: from backscatter to biology. 海洋技术杂志。 10(3),48-61。

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